About us

           Since 1992, AYATHAI JEWELRY has grown to become a leading handcrafted jewelry designer in Thailand. From our high - end collections to our everyday jewelry, we maintain the high standards of Craftsmanship and quality. Over the last two decades, we have created a large catalog of both traditional designs and trendy styles to appeal to all ages and budgets.

           We strive to maintain a high quality standard in out jewelry that anyone would be proud to own and wear. Our diamond assures you of both the quality and positive identification of diamond available in all cuts and sizes. When you order a piece of jewelry from us, design can be assured. That's a hand - made piece crafted by AYATHAI design's jeweler.

           We are sure that with our caring attitude you will be more than satisfied. In offering great services. AYATHAI aims to procure an ongoing and continuous relationship with our clients, for many more occasions.

           AYATHAI has remained focused on providing quality and variety of merchandise, with many hand - made pieces of jewelry on display, Using fine quality diamonds, precious and unusually gemstones and combining some of the best hand making jewelers in Thailand. AYATHAI can offer you something special that will last a life time.